An explosion of joy!”

— D. A. Callaway, Event Coordinator, Silver Dollar City, Branson, MO

The Family Sowell

Bluegrass with a Mission

The Family Sowell is a first-generation bluegrass band based in Knoxville, Tennessee. They perform a variety of family-friendly, hard-core bluegrass music ranging from traditional to mainstream to Gospel across the country and in Eastern Europe. Their goal is to bring the gift of music to every audience, and share God’s love to everyone they meet. They feature beautiful family harmony, driving instrumentals, and heartfelt new originals. You never know what may happen during their show, so be ready for a toe-tapping, heart-touching, fun time!

Incredibly impressive to say the least! Not only are each of them skilled well beyond their years on their respective instruments, but apparently, being multi-instrumentalists is a prerequisite for each of them, as well! I'm always awed by people with extraordinary talent, but when an entire family possesses that gift, well, it is almost overwhelming to take in. God has truly blessed this family and they in turn give all the Glory to Him. That's yet another reason to love them!”

— Kimberly Williams, East Public Relations

A Taste of Our Music

Powerful bunch of enthusiastic players and singers. Strong-rooted in faith and committed to excellence, I expect great things from their music ministry!”

— Stephen Mougin, Guitarist for Sam Bush Band,Owner/Operator at Dark Shadow Recording, Facilitator of Stephen Mougin Band Coaching

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