Very talented family, with a bright future!”

— Paul & Kelsi Harrigill, Flatt Lonesome

After teaching vocal students for over 30 years, this family is the most talented and teachable group I have ever worked with. It is amazing how eager and quick they learn. Besides their musical talents, they are great, God loving people!”

— Vicki Wehmeyer, Vocal Coach

When I first heard The Family Sowell in 2016 at IBMA in Raleigh, North Carolina. I was immediately blown away by their music, vocals, and their stage presence. Best of all, they know what music is about: connecting with the audience. The future of bluegrass music is in good hands!”

— Jonathan Buckner, CEO, Poor Mountain Records

This family is like music; some high notes, some low notes, but always a beautiful song!”

— Roy Newman

It was 4 years ago when I first saw the Sowells at Gospel Grass in Glen Rose, TX. I was very impressed with their talent but mostly by the way they conducted themselves, very dedicated to their music and work for God. We went every year thereafter to see them and whenever they were performing nearby. Elaine and I fell in love with the whole family, and we appreciate the work they do for God.”

— Billy Phillips

Quite simply one of the finest examples of an outstanding bluegrass band combined with strong family values! From our first introduction, they have become some of my dearest friends in the industry! I am expecting great things from them in the very near future!”

— Jonathan Campbell, Chief Engineer, Poor Mountain Records

We first saw the Sowell Family 4 years ago in Glen Rose at the Gospel Bluegrass Festival! We met them personally the next year and fell in love with their music and the whole family! We have been following them to other venues since and have become friends with them! Billy and I have supported their Ukulele Mission overseas! They are a great Christian family with lots of talent and dedication. We are happy to know them and follow their music! Thanks for all you do to spread the gospel! Love you all!”

— Elaine Phillips

I met this entertaining family band at A Bluegrass Christmas Festival in Raleigh. These young people stole the show and a little piece of my heart too!”

— Amelia Ricci, Marketing Manager, Outer Banks Bluegrass Festival

Their testimony and walk are real. They love each other, love bluegrass music, but more importantly they seek to serve and honor our Lord Jesus Christ. I whole heartedly recommend this wonderful Christian family for whatever function anyone may have.”

— Brenda Park, Photographer, Texas Bluegrass Music Association

We were walking down the hall at IBMA and we heard a very excited, noisy crowd coming from one of the concert rooms. We walked down the hall and into the room to investigate, and we saw for the first time, this little kid tearing up the fiddle, the banjo player wearing it out, and everybody was playing and singing with great enthusiasm and amazing talent! The audience was on fire and completely amazed! Not only do they have great talent and super showmanship, the whole family is dedicated to bringing glory to God through their music. They aren't your typical, boring family band, they are alive, on fire, and grinning with terrific enthusiasm as they tackle difficult music, including "The Devil Went Down to GA." They spend a great deal of time perfecting their songs, and the love and joy they share comes through on stage in a fantastic way. We guarantee you will have a blast, and they will brighten your day, because there is a Greater Power behind the music.”

— Timothy and Bethany Kelley, The Band of Kelleys