The day that I met The Family Sowell will always be treasured! When we first discovered each other, an instant friendship developed. What a wonderful family they are!! So full of love for each other, for others, and most importantly for Jesus! If you’ve never heard them use their God given gift to sing and play bluegrass gospel and bluegrass music, you need make it a priority to do so!! Uncle John “LOVES” The Family Sowell!!!”

— "Uncle" John Colburn, Chief Encouragement Officer, Tomorrow's Bluegrass Stars

To download this image, simply click on picture!

To download this image, simply click on picture!

Incredibly impressive to say the least! Not only are each of them skilled well beyond their years on their respective instruments, but apparently, being multi-instrumentalists is a prerequisite for each of them, as well! I'm always awed by people with extraordinary talent, but when an entire family possesses that gift, well, it is almost overwhelming to take in. God has truly blessed this family and they in turn give all the Glory to Him. That's yet another reason to love them!”

— Kimberly Williams, East Public Relations

The Family Sowell 2018 Promo Flyer

The Family Sowell 2018 Promo Flyer

Amazing mix of innovative talent and love rolled into one great bluegrass band! Bluegrass On The Plains was honored to have this wonderful family bluegrass band for our 2017 festival as a part of Tomorrow's Bluegrass Stars. The pleasure was all ours!”

— Mathan and Jill Holt, Promoters, Bluegrass on the Plains Bluegrass Festival

Brings a lot of energy and fun to their performance! Look for this up-and-coming band to be on everyone's festival line up!”

— Cory Hemilright, Promoter, Outer Banks Bluegrass Festival

One of the finest young Christian family bands that Texas has ever produced, let alone lucky enough to have had them grace our stages. We are so very proud of them as musicians, singers, young ambassadors and missionaries of both Bluegrass Music and The Word. We could not be any more proud of them and excited to see where God is leading them! We are all very blessed to know and love them.”

— Colee Biller-Littlefield, Texas Bluegrass Music Association