Mission of Hope (Book 3)
  • Mission of Hope (Book 3)
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It’s been fifteen years… Fifteen years since my life fell apart. Music and my baby brother, Dillon, are the only things that keep me sane. But a promise made is a promise I will keep. After running from myself and my parents’ ministry for so long, I’m off to a foreign country to serve at a safe haven for people just like me. I can't escape the irony of the situation, but something tells me that this trip may help me find what I’ve been searching for. Then, a bus accident that was no accident and Dillion's disappearance force me into action. I used to lose hope so easily, but that was before I recognized Who, not what, my Hope is. Now, it’s a race against time again to find my brother before he’s gone forever. Along the way, I discover more than my fair share of friends, danger, missions, and sure enough, hope.

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