The Family Sowell

The Family Sowell is an all-sibling, contemporary bluegrass band from Knoxville, Tennessee, featuring driving instrumentation, tight family harmony, and original songs written straight from the heart. Their music melds passion and love together with a good dose of laughter, creating an authentic performance that inspires audiences everywhere.


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“The Family Sowell is one of the most talented families you will ever meet.  It has been my pleasure to learn this family individually and collectively and watch them grow.  I love the passion that they all show in their vocals and in their music.  I look forward to seeing where this family will go in the next few years.  I love this family.” — Ben Isaacs, Producer, Bassist, & Vocalist, The Isaacs

“Some people think that traveling with your family is easy because “you have them right there,” and don’t have to leave them behind. Many people don’t understand the sacrifice and immense respect that is required to travel with family. The Family Sowell has taken on the road with all of it’s ups and downs, in a very strong leap of faith. It has really been amazing to watch their growth and progression from this side of the fence. Naturally, their instrumental talent, vocal ability, and musical approach have an exceptional growing presence that will carry them far in this business. The stronger presence, however, is the hand that God has laid on them. The obvious presence that He has in their lives as individuals and as a family will shine brighter than any flashy solo or tight harmony. With Him at the helm, this family will only have one direction to go - up!” — Skip Cherryholmes, guitarist and vocalist, Sideline, 2019 IBMA Song of the Year

“The Family Sowell is one of the most exciting bands that I have seen in a long time. Great singing, musicianship, and excellent stage presence and showmanship. More than that, they are just a great family to be around. They make you feel good. This family is very special. They are on their way to greatness!!“ — Phil Leadbetter, 2019 IBMA Resonator Guitar Player

“My husband Rod McCormack and I are from Australia. Rod is a successful producer and musician who has just released his first ever solo Bluegrass album.  I’m a country singer song writer who sold multi platinum records back in the 90’s when big hair was cool! I just took our sons Jacky’s entire child hood off to raise him (best thing ever) and now he is a musician and producer just like his Dad. So long story short, we all found ourselves in Raleigh North Carolina at the IBMA’s and our paths crossed with the Family Sowell. Lucky for us, they were positioned across from us at the exhibition hall and we struck up many interesting conversations. It was an instant feeling of family love for us. We are so different yet so much the same. Mama Cindy Sowell and I quickly realized we are sisters who were always meant to meet. This family band have that unique sound that only siblings can get and the love and admiration for each other oozes from the stage. I could not take my eyes off them at the many performances we were lucky enough to be at. The blend of each sibling’s personality is wonderful to witness. From the charismatic cheeky front man John Mark to the smooth confidence of oldest brother Jacob on the guitar and banjo. The understated charm of Naomi on the stand up bass to the mesmerizing fragility of Abby’s beautiful heartfelt vocals. Watching youngest band member Justus being gently encouraged into the spotlight is a real treat as Joshua picks his guitar with the finesse of some of the finest bluegrass musicians on the planet. This band is one to watch. Their brand new album Same Kind of Different is a breath of fresh air reminiscent of early Alison Krauss with heart felt lyrics and catchy tunes. Rod and I are proud to be the Family Sowell’s Aussie Uncle and Aunty and we are so excited for the rest of the world to hear their incredible talent!“ — Gina Jeffreys

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